Have An Affair Guide

How To Have An Affair And Not Get Caught … The Ultimate Marital Affairs Guide!

How To Have An Affair – Guide To Illicit Affairs

This affair guide is designed for married people who are either having an affair or are considering having an affair. Illicit affairs are often frowned upon by today’s society. Often, society feels that you should just stay unhappily married in order to save face. However, the real truth is that we are all longing for adventures and situations that turn us on. Perhaps you are one of those people that *really was* happy when you first got married. But over time, the marriage became less about being together and more about just not leaving each other.

Cheating on someone is not an easy thing to decide to do. On one end, you may want to have an affair because your sex life sucks (follow the link for an article on fulfilling fantasies). On the other end, you think of the repercussions that having an affair might bring on your finances, your family life and your social standing.

Let’s get one thing straight – if you DO NOT PLAN YOUR MOVES PROPERLY, you will probably get caught cheating on your spouse.

We titled this guide ‘HOW TO HAVE AN AFFAIR’ because there is a RIGHT and a WRONG way to go about having illicit affairs.

The ‘married but cheating’ crowd are too often driven by wanting an affair so badly, that they make rookie mistakes when it comes to being stealthy and secretive. The urge to have an affair and re-discover passion in someone’s life can often overwhelm a person, and render them too careless.

The end result of carelessness is almost always negative. Your spouse finds out about your illicit affairs and either moves towards divorce or guilt-trips you to the point where the relationship is no longer worth maintaining.

If you want to LEARN HOW TO HAVE AN AFFAIR AND NOT GET CAUGHT (read.: Get Away With It), READ ON


Having an affair is NOT something you ‘just do’. The GOAL OF A SUCESSFUL AFFAIR is to lead life of pleasure WHILE staying married – not fucking someone and getting a divorce as a result. To that end, having affairs is something which must be carefully planned and executed with precision

This affair guide will help you have an affair – and NOT GET CAUGHT. It is divided into these sections


SECTION 1: Affairs 101: The *ABSOLUTE* Basics >>> A MUST READ

SECTION 2: How People Get Caught Having Affairs

SECTION 3: Picking SHORT vs LONG term Affairs: A Little Advice

SECTION 4: How to Hide Your Affair >>> so you don’t get caught

SECTION 5: Reviews of the BEST & Worst Affair Online Dating sites


The TOP 2 affair dating sites (according to us, of course) are listed below:

REVIEW: SexSearch.com

REVIEW: AffairsClub by XXXMatch


REVIEW: GetItOn.com

REVIEW: Passion.com


REVIEW: Fling.com

REVIEW: BeNaughty.com

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