Have An Affair Guide

How To Have An Affair And Not Get Caught … The Ultimate Marital Affairs Guide!

Affairs 101 – Basic Principles

Understanding Affair Risks & Defining Good Affairs

A ‘good affair’ goes way beyond ‘not getting caught by your spouse’. Getting caught is probably the most negative part of handling an affair badly – however, it is not the sole issue we have to deal with.

THE KEY: Maintaining control over your affair partner is the *ONLY* surefire way to make sure YOU are PROTECTED

Maintaining control implies that your significant other NEVER thinks you are cheating. Your partner in an affair should never compromise or put you at risk with your spouse.

A great (and thereby fulfilling) affair brings the strong benefit to you and your affair partner. Good affairs are:
100% Controllable – BY YOU
100% Anonymous – Anyone you’re involved with does NOT know who you really are
Always Free of Drama – Never get involved with people that are ‘batshit crazy’
Light, Fun & Novel– With a multitude of short-term engagements, keeping it fresh, fun and new

Imagine you’ve decided on cheating. Your affair partner has strong feelings for you, but you know you could never leave your spouse. Who benefits from the affair? No one – that’s who. While you accomplish your primary goals of having some sex on the side, your affair partner is left very unfulfilled because of those stray feelings. Breaking the primary rule of cheating – NOT GETTING EMOTIONS INVOLVED means certain death for you. Anyone with strong emotions for you (love or hate – they are both equal in strength) increments your odds of getting caught having an affair.

Being honest with yourself and your needs is a important part of having a successful illicit encounter. The person that can always best fool you is always … yourself. Not being honest with yourself is extremely dangerous. Understanding what you’re doing at all times plays an important part in not getting caught having an affair.

REMEMBER: It’s NOT a simple email, or a text message or ‘a random website you fell on by total mistake’. Your significant other is no moron. Adding the effects of man mistakes over time will raise suspicions and get you caught. And you’ll lose a lot more than your relationship.

The more honestly you can assess the affair situation, the better your odds of not getting discovered.

Having affairs has always been risky business. No matter how smart you think you have been, the overall risks never disappear. You can try to minimize risks, but never fully eliminate them. This is why we propose an AFFAIR STRATEGY that is learned and then used at will. Longer-term affairs create MASSIVELY HUGE RISKS. You will learn to avoid these throughout this guide. With the said, here are the broad strokes of risk that you will come across in the affairs world…

The Logistical Affair Risks

Your significant other finds out you are having an affair by a logistical oversight that is your fault. Read: mobile phone logs, text messages or non-discarded email messages. Forgetting to destry financial information, like dinner bills, debit or credit card statements, lipstick on your collar, etc… You wil learn to eliminate any such risks by reading this guide.

The Social Risks – Losing Social Standing & Friends

Having an encounter within your own social circle (i.e.: someone from little league), you can risk losing MUCH MORE than your family. Every person has a reputation to protect – and it must be guarded at al cost. You have close common friends. The nippers. People have a certain amount of respect for you. If you are found to be the person that ‘keeps fucking around behind someone’s back’ in any social circle, you will almost certainly lose your social standing.

The Emotional Affair Risks – Choose Short Over Long Term

Getting emotionally involved in an affair is always a bad idea. Affairs should be about great & passionate sex, not tangled variations of love. Emotions generally lead to bad choices and compound sets of logistical mistakes. This is the main reason to choose short term affairs over long term drawn out episodes. Short = sweet + easy to leave.

The Financial Risks – Losing Everything You Worked So Hard For

Exposure of adultery impact business and financial situations for many people. Don’t believe us? We have two words for you: TIGER WOODS. Affair knowledge can be misused by greedy people, looking to advance their own purpose. Blackmail is a de-facto issue and concern here.


The ultimate affair partner is on that shares all risks AND rewards with you!!!




When both parties are playing the same high-stakes game, risks TO YOU are MINIMIZED.



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