AffairsClub Review


AffairsClub Review & Statistics

AffairsClub is a Married Affairs Online Dating website which made its debut in 2007. It has been active for 3 years and has a total of 1039 users (men & women).

AffairsClub has been reviewed by 1039 people. Out of these 1039 people, 977 users have stated they have used AffairsClub. The remaining 62 users which reviewed AffairsClub have stated they know a person who has used AffairsClub, or NOT said having used AffairsClub in any form.

From the AffairsClub users reviews, we believe that the user portion which reviewed AffairsClub carries a level of confidence of: 94%

User Reviews for AffairsClub (9/10):

Our Rating of AffairsClub (8/10):

AffairsClub Review – Testing Approach

To test out AffairsClub we purchased a Premium AffairsClub Plan. This plan retailed at $34.95 for a ONE MONTH AffairsClub membership.

AffairsClub Testing Method & Review Results

We used a fairly simple testing method for AffairsClub. We e-messaged a total of 100 people on AffairsClub, completely randomly. Her are results as part of this AffairsClub review:

  • Out of 100 AffairsClub users contacted, 47 replies to our contacts were received.
  • Out of those 47 replies, we were able to schedule 21 IN-PERSON DATES with women at AffairsClub.
  • Out of those 47 replies, we were able to schedule 29 ONLINE DATES or video calls with women at AffairsClub.
  • Out of those 29 dates, we were able to close the deal with 9 women.
  • AffairsClub Website Features Reviewed

    This list outlines what feature support AffairsClub offers:

  • Basic AffairsClub Member Search is SUPPORTED.
  • Advanced AffairsClub Member Search is SUPPORTED .
  • Sending Winks to AffairsClub Members is SUPPORTED.
  • Replying to Emails sent to YOU from AffairsClub Members is SUPPORTED.
  • Initiating Email Contact with OTHER AffairsClub Members is SUPPORTED.
  • Browsing Pictures of AffairsClub Members is SUPPORTED.
  • Uploading Multiple Pics in your AffairsClub Profile is SUPPORTED.
  • Viewing AffairsClub Members YouTube Videos is SUPPORTED.
  • Including YouTube Video Profile to YOUR AffairsClub Profile is SUPPORTED.
  • IM (Instant Message) Other AffairsClub Members is SUPPORTED.
  • Audio Chat with Other AffairsClub Members is SUPPORTED.
  • Camera Chat with Other AffairsClub Members is SUPPORTED.
  • Adding AffairsClub Members to a HOT LIST is SUPPORTED.
  • Creating Lists of Preferred AffairsClub Members is SUPPORTED.

    AffairsClub Pricing Review

    All prices below for AffairsClub are in US Dollars.

    TRIAL AVAILABILITY: AffairsClub offers a 100% FREE trial.

  • 1 MONTH MEMBERSHIP: $34.95
  • 3 MONTH MEMBERSHIP: $70.00
  • 6 MONTH MEMBERSHIP: $140.00
  • 12 MONTH MEMBERSHIP: $280.00
  • AffairsClub User Breakdown Review

    In an effort to assess the ratios of real women on AffairsClub, we have gathered their user numbers for worldwide users.

  • Total Number of Users: 456,000
  • Total Number of Men: 240,000
  • Total Number of Women: 216,000
  • Percentage of Women to Men: 90%
  • AffairsClub – Review of User Geo-Location

  • America (& Canada):55 %
  • EU Area:30 %
  • SouthEast Asia:15 %