Yes, we know this is more of an adult dating website rather than a straight affair dating site. However, we highly recommend it nevertheless. is one of the premier adult dating websites on the net. We’ve tested it out over a few months and surveyed dozens of patrons who have used it on and off.

As you’ll read later in this post, one of the great things about a site like this is that no one can *really* pretend that they aren’t there for casual encounters. This isn’t or eHarmony, where people pretend to be civil to each other and keep lying about what they’re *really* there for.

The issue with a site like is that you have to play ‘the field’ purely as a numbers game. There are women on there and they want to get laid without going through the eHarmony dog-and-pony show. There are also tons (and we mean TONS!) of men on there, who want exatly the same thing. The guy-girl ratio is very skewed and certainly gives a clear advantage to women. However, if you learn to come off as one of the infinitely small number of ‘quality’ men on SexSearch, you will have great success with this site.

The key to winning the odds in this match is to play it VERY direct, but not sleazy. Remember: what open-minded women really find the most attractive is confidence. If you are anything like us, you definitely have a set of insecurities that play out in real life in weird ways. These make you shy, or worse!


THIS IS THE ONLINE DATING WORLD – HERE, WE GET TO BE WHOEVER THE FUCK WE WANT TO BE. YOU COULD BE JAMES BOND … or BATMAN … It’s a world completely built around the FANTASY that you present yourself as. No one wants to KNOW that you’re an accountant or an ‘IT Guy’.

Your misconceptions are all in your head. When working a site like , most men will asume that you can simply walk in an get laid after a nice & classy ‘Hey baby, wanna fuck?’. That couldn’t be further from the truth. What most guys fail to understand is that ‘Adult Dating’ does NOT mean ‘easy sex. It simply means that folks on sites like SexSearch are GENERALLY MORE OPEN to a casual encounter than, say, someone you would meet on eHarmony.

Keep your profile *well* written as if you are well educated. SHOW CLASS, and ye shall be rewarded handsomely. Most women that happen to be horny do not want to talk about getting triple-penetrated from all angles. Try having a direct and light conversation first. If you see that SHE volunters going towards kinkier talk, take the lead. is one of those adult dating sites where the understanding o eventually ‘having sex’ is total subtext. To get to that point, you need to play your cards close to the vest and *NOT* be the horny guy. Naturally, you ARE the horny guy, but you need to PLAY IT OFF LIKE SEX WILL ‘JUST HAPPEN’. Deception is your friend on a “dating” site like


Some basic advice: NEVER post cock pictures. Women do not respond to pornography the same way men do. Men get arounsed instantly, while women (even the most open-minded ones) require having their MIND seduced before giving their BODY to you. Posting a picture of your dick for everyone to see screams ‘I am exactly like 95% of the other guys on this site’.

Case in point: One of our readers joined and spent 2 weeks on it, without success. He wrote us an angry comment on how the site was a complete scam and our review was way off base. We ofered to take a look at his profile and see if we could identify WHERE he went wrong. We quickly found out the problem. His main profile picture was of him in full-on BDSM gear and his headline read ‘All Leathered Up & Ready To Whip You’.

Now, you tell us – what woman in her right fucking state of mind is going to reply to this guy? If we were women, we’d be scared that he’d ball-gag and chain us to the back of his pickup truck within 5 minutes of our first meeting.

NOW READ CAREFULLY, BECAUSE THIS IS *REALLY* IMPORTANT: YOU DO NOT want to be that guy. That guy is what 95% of the male member base are on You want to be part of that remaining 5%. The ones that actually get laid off of adult dating websites, and do it with style.


We strongly recommend that you get a set of pics of yourself in classy (and / or adventurous) situations. Our recommended positioning of your profile is one of a busy man who just does sites like these for efficiency. Great pictures include you doing daring shit (skydiving pics, anyone?) or very original actiities (you on top of a mountain staring into the sunset, for example). Forget te shity ‘face pic only’. Your picture must convey adventure and mystery.

You’re the guy that DOESN’T HAVE TIME for a full on relationship, but you are always open for making time for meeting fun & interesting people. On sites like , you are *LITERALLY* competing against a horde of horny, geeky, low-class losers who would fall down on their knees like the french army for a smile from a good looking woman. YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THEM … at least not online.

Keep your interactions very pointed and direct. You want her, thats no secret. That doesn’t mean you just revert back to being a fucking neanderthal. She’s a woman and she wants YOU to LEAD. And leading means she wants you to own her mind. No self-respecting woman looking for a one night stand will go sleep with a guy that can’t lead her without being crass. The same rules apply online. If you want her to sleep with you, you will need to OWN HER MIND first, and her BODY second.


REMEMBER: THE MOST SEXUAL ORGAN OF THE HUMAN BODY IS THE BRAIN. Don’t focus on her body, focus on her brain. Make her UNDERSTAND AND FANTASIZE about a night of bliss through your charracter. When you own her mind, you’ll get the girl anytime.