AshleyMadison - ***GREAT*** Affairs Site

AshleyMadison Review by Affair Guide. In our opinion, Ashley Madison is much better (result wise) than any other affair dating site out there. Ashley Madison (a.k.a.: the AshleyMadison Agency) is by far the biggest affairs site on the web – it has dominated the affairs dating niche for quite some time, and as a result, it has many advantages (and very little disadvantages). The biggest ADVANTAGE is that it is a site that has almost no fake profiles or scams on Ashley Madison. This is because AshleyMadison operates on a credit-basis and does require each member to be a real person with a credit card.

Understanding What The Women Of AshleyMadison Want (and *WILL* find!)

Women that join Ashley Madison have a problem. And that’ that they want to have a fun & fulfilling sex life, but simply can’t find time for it. Obviously, the women of AshleyMadison are married. But this marriage, which was probably good at one time, has now turned into something they never thought could happen. They are constantly fighting with their spouses. They are spending weeks without having sex. And even when they have sex, they fantasize about someone else – they simply don’t want to be there. What should be a most intense, passionate and orgasmic experience has been reduced to nothing.

BUT – they can’t afford to divorce – they just got married a few years ago and it would look bad. They are pretending to be happy spending their days at work, nights watching movies and weekends at Home Depot shopping new door knobs. But they really aren’t because no one is giving them what the ***REALLY*** need: A fun evening followed by superbly intense sex.

Some girls will cheat on their husbands with a guy from work. Other will go to a random bar and pickup a guy. The rest come to AshleyMadison. And they come to AshleyMadison specifically because they don’t have time to “hunt” for a man like they used to do in college, when that’s THE ONLY THING they had to do.

If you can be that one-night fantasy for a woman (who is by all purposes DESPERATE for passion and excitement) , you will find more ass on Ashley Madison than any other online dating site out there. I know – I’ve done it countless times.

AshleyMadison Pricing Review

AshleyMadison pricing is credit based and as a result, you get a certain number of credits based on the package you choose when joining AshleyMadison. You can get a package for 49$, 149$ or 249$ (in comparison, a membership for other affair dating sites can be as high as 500$ / month). In our opinion, the AshleyMadison membership is fair expensive for what you get. The more you pay, the more credits and access you get on AshleyMadison. AshleyMadison memberships range from basic to gold – each of which carries specific benefits.

Super-Secret Ninja Tactics For AshleyMadison Success: Men

If you want the simplest way to have your first affair with a married woman on Ashley Madison in under a week, here it is. It’ll cost you 250$, and a take up a few hours of your time – and you’ll need to make time for a few dates during the week. I’ve used this exact tactic with incredible results.

  • You spend your first 600 credits messaging every woman YOU LIKE in your area.
  • You spend your next 200 credits talking to women who reply to you.
  • You spend 100 credits trading negotiating the meeting venue.
  • You still have 100 credits left for the next round.

The above should yield you roughly 15 date requests, of which you might see 1/3 come though. Remember these are all married women that WANT to have a good time. No scams. No fake profiles.


If you’re cash-strapped and can’t afford to execute the strategy above, but still want an affair, you can get the same results with the base 50$ option in roughly a month’s time. It’ll take longer and you will need to spend a little more money on credits.

  • You spend your first 50 credits messaging every woman YOU LIKE in your area.
  • You spend your next 30 credits talking to women who reply to you.
  • You spend 50 credits trading negotiating the meeting venue.
  • You still have 0 credits left for the next round.

While both tactics guarantee success, one will yield faster results as you’re contacting more women. Casting a wider net essentially increases your chances of finding success quickly.

Super-Secret Ninja Tactics For AshleyMadison Success: Women

Just put up your profile – then wait and pick :)

My Review Of AshleyMadison

I’ve both personally used and read up quite a lot on AshleyMadison from a variety of internet sources. The range of experiences reported by people that have used AshleyMadison ranges from absolutely great to very good. For example, take this guy’s experience with the site …

I joined and put up my profile on AshleyMadison in March 2010 and had an active membership for 2 months. I spent something like 200$ on the site talking to women, because AshleyMadison operates on a “credit basis’ (you use up credits when contacting prospective partners). During that time, I was able to get 6 actual meetings with women from the Ashley Madison dating agency (all of which ended in a hookup). If you make a comparison to how many married girls I picked up off other dating sites, it’s actually quite a high figure.

One of the things I found was that it takes a some time (up to 2 weeks) to set up a good pipeline with the women you message. I also met up with another woman apart from the original 6 – but decided not to pursuer her given her pics ware different than what she’d put on her AshleyMadison membership. I don’t have to tell you that I was not happy with how that situation went down – but I don’t blame Ashley Madison for that. She should have been honest. Overall I give the site an A+ !


Guys, I can tell you that if this had actually happened to me, I would have been very happy about that whole experience with AshleyMadison, and certainly as a result of reading this do think the Ashley Madison site is the best if you’re looking to have a discreet affair.

Other people apart from me on the internet also seem to have good luck with the Ashley Madison cheating site. If you believe the stories from the cheater dating blog, you’ll see a lot of pretty happy folks. If you believe the Ashley Madison user ratio review found here, the ratio of females is actually decent and there are basically no fake profiles on AM.

I have to say that AshleyMadison is a pretty decent website. I like my affair romances to be as drama-free as possible – so meeting married women on Ashley Madison is the best way to go for a married guy like me.

AshleyMadison Review – Comparison To Other Affair Websites

If you compare the results from this AshleyMadison review to other affair sites we review here or adult dating sites, it seems to not be just as as efficient (if not more) as what’s promised. One reason may be that while women on AshleyMadison are very careful with setting up meetings in person, they are really open to moving from meeting-to-sex quickly.

In our opinion, the credits based system used at Ashley Madison is a bit of a pain in the ass to work with. HOWEVER, it keeps “fake profiles” out of the site because a real credit card is required to talk to Ashley Madison members. Unlike regular (love-promising) dating sites or (probably scam-filled) adult dating sites, on Ashley Madison, you use up a credit each time you message someone. This is to keep what I like to call the “repetitive-dating spammers” at bay – these are t he guys that just go around copy.pasting the same message to each and every woman in their matches. While you can burn your credits pretty fast if you decide to take this “mass mail” approach, it’s actually a good thing for the women on the site so they don’t wake up to 7691 messages each day from horny married men :) Because everyone is very careful in their affair dating moves, it takes a few of messages to get a “live hit” – so be smart using your AshleyMadison credits on women (or men, ladies) you ***ACTUALLY*** want to meet. The other good thing here is that while you do end up spending credits messaging women, there are no fake profiles – so you’re messaging real people.

Overall, I think that the site is both under-priced and really worth joining (and even overly acessible, if you ask me!). They even have a very clever Ashley Madison iPhone app! For the amount of money you end up spending in 2 months of using it (which isn’t that much, actually), you probably couldn’t have picked up 6 married women from bars – specifically BECAUSE married women DON’T HANG OUT IN BARS!!! Because everyone is so “careful” when communicating on Ashley Madison, the process from contacting someone to having an actual date does take a little longer than, say, on regular dating sites – but you also meet married women that will ***forever*** be your lovers. Also, AshleyMadison guarantees you an affair – because there are no scam profiles on the site. In my book, that’s under-promising and over-delivering.

As far as a review of the Ashley Madison functionality, it seems to have pretty much all of the features you’d expect an affairs dating site to have, with the exception of video chat. You can search, mail, chat and wink at Ashley Madison members as part of any package – but each action (with the exception of searching for members) will cost you credits.

AshleyMadison – Review Of The Good Parts

So … the good from our Ashley Madison review:

  1. AshleyMadison is the largest affairs dating site online.
  2. There are NO FAKE OR SCAM PROFILES on the site.
  3. AshleyMadison is very easy to use and features both a great interface and communication features.
  4. If you’re woman you won’t have any trouble finding an affair on AshleyMadison.
  5. AshleyMadison features a discrete billing policy.
  6. The credit-based system for communicating on AshleyMadison keeps scammers at bay.
  7. You’ll find yourself spending less on AshleyMadison than you would on a night out on the town.

There’s only one bad point – and it’s not really specific to AshleyMadison. If you’re from a small town, you might want to think twice about using a service like this. Alternatively, you might need to pickup married women on AshleyMadison by browsing profiles from larger urban areas and travelling for the actual dates.

AshleyMadison Review – Statistics

In the United States, AshleyMadison has over 1 million members. In contrast the other affairs sites that offer similar dating functionality have roughly 250 000 members COMBINED. If you’re from a large urban area, like San Francisco for example – there’s a ton of people to pick from to connect with. Worldwide, the site has over 9 million members and does quite well in Canada, the UK and Ireland – as well as France and Germany.

However, like any dating site, not all the people you meet on the site will be to your liking. So use your credits wisely.

AshleyMadison also has a guarantee that they flaunt as part of their affair promise message which is the “AshleyMadison Affair Guarantee”. Basically, they state that by joining the site, you are 100% guaranteed to have an affair. Given my results, I believe that.

AshleyMadison Review – Conclusion

I was able to meet women off this site – and I’d say that the price tag and thefunctionality that come with using it make it easy to use and have an affair versus than other affair websites. I’d definitely recommend at a minimum trying Ashley Madison if you’re stuck in a sexless marriage.